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Welcome to a VISION of a “NEW World” where everyone is value for their individuality. We are the Heirs of this world and how we develop and leave it for future Heirs should be profound, secure and enlightened in every sustainable way.

We are here to mentor and empower you in every financial way possible to accomplish these goals.

DHLife has created an International business platform with 4 co-op companies. The platform’s revenue streams will be channeled into global programs to develop, support and enrich the lives of each person via agriculture, education, finances, health and shelter.   Read more…



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DHLife is definitely the new way to prosperity, blending innovation, education and the future of exchange in Crypto Currency education with a 5 Tier benefit loaded network marketing model, all you need to do is just "feel it to know it". Get involved and refer now.

Adelaide Forster - South Africa  

There is now no reason or need to be intimidated by crypto currency or blockchain technology. DHLife Wealth Education Modules are the perfect guide to help you learn of this paradigm shift.

Catherine Reddy - South Africa  

Nothing matters in life other than arriving at our divine destiny. DHLife is that vehicle sent by God to transport His people into their destiny.

Nokwanda Cordelia Mkhabela - South Africa  

I have been a networker for 18 years but it was my first time in history hearing the most powerful concept in the network marketing, where there’s no recruiting. Join and invite, the rest is done by DHLife.

Kukie Mthethwa - South Africa  


DHLife is based on a 2 X Infinity Forced Matrix structure with 5 Tiers. All members are IRs (Independent Resellers). Regardless of where they originated (referred by you or not), the new members are placed left to right in the 1st available spot. Unlike other network marketing matrix systems, DHLife does NOT require YOU to place your own people strategically to build “legs” underneath each member. This is a combined GLOBAL effort and each member will automatically be placed into the matrix as they enroll.

To view an Overview of our co-op companies, click on their respective logos below.